What is Brand Personality Definition Examples and Traits

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality refers to the personification of any brand. It is basically a set of human characteristics or traits that are assigned or embedded within a brand. Brand personality is created when there are human-like traits such as caring, creative, trustworthy, unique, straightforward, rebel, dishonest, etc. are a part of the brand characteristics.

Brand personality is the way in which a brand behaves or communicates with its users. Human-like characteristics signify the brand behavior through the individuals who are representing the brand (e.g. employees) along with packaging, advertising, etc. When brand identity or brand image is expressed in the form of human-like characteristics, it is referred to as brand personality.

Brand Personality Traits by Jennifer Aaker

Branding has become a very popular concept nowadays and has led marketers to analyze and draft their marketing strategies on how they can build better brands. Traits list of brand personality as presented by Jennifer Aaker are as follows:

Brand Personality

Brand Sincerity: This refers to how sincere the brand is? Honest, genuine, wholesome and cheerful are some traits that come to mind when associating characteristics with this dimension. There are several marketing outlets available for a brand ranging from traditional methods to social media platform, people are still more skeptical when the question is of the sincerity level of the brand.

Brand Excitement. The first word that comes to your mind when you are going to Universal Studios or Disney Worlds is ‘excitement’. Brands which are spirited, imaginative and daring tend to develop a level of excitement in customers and hence are categorized as brand excitement traits.

Brand Competence. The attributes of this brand personality include expertise, success, reliability and intelligence. The concept of Six Sigma and Kaizen where developed in the manufacturing concerns because the units were willing to become competent. There are several factors which create race amongst products and competence and production are one of them.

Brand Sophisticated. Common attributes associated with this brand personality trait includes elegant, poised, charming and refined. Armani, Versace and Tiffany are some brands which are categorized as ultra-premium and sophisticated. This is perhaps the toughest personality traits that can be included in any brand. The basic is that the brand ideology needs to be reinforced on a regular basis so as to make it sophisticated.

Brand Ruggedness: Brand ruggedness is known because of the toughness, strong personality and outdoor nature that comes along with it. A good example of brand ruggedness is Woodland shoes which are based upon toughness.

Brand Personality Examples

Here are some examples of brand personality

Brand Personality of Starbucks

Starbucks has a sophisticated personality trait. You might have come across several people who advertise on social media that they are going to Starbucks as a symbol of maturity and sophistication. There are several kids who visit Starbucks and they all buy Starbucks juice. Does this mean that Starbucks sells the best juice? Or it is simply because they develop a more mature feeling when engaging with the popular coffee brand?

Nike Brand Personality

The brand personality of Nike is ruggedness. Branding strategies of Nike are that it is a leader in athletic apparel and shoes and they pride themselves in being the best athletic gear. The nature of their product is tough and outdoorsy and endorses successful products in nearly every sport. When you visit any sporting event, you can see many athletes sporting with Nike gear. This brand creates a personality which is tough and successful.

Brand Personality of Apple

The Apple shows sincerity as it is all about simplicity and removing complexities from the lives of people, people-driven product design and being a humanistic company, which has a deep connection with its customers.

Harley Davidson Brand Personality

Harley Davidson personality is ruggedness and rebel. Promotional campaigns initiated by the company which named motorcycles as mean and tough machines. Its logo and the use of dynamic and bright colors helped Harley Davidson build its brand personality.

Brand Personality of Volvo

The personality of Volvo is sincerity. The emotional positioning of the auto manufacturer is firmly connected with competence. Volvo is all about performance, design, safety and the overall environment. These characteristics are very important for a Volvo consumer who is well aware that all these elements are considered thoroughly in the designing process.

Caterpillar Brand Personality

The brand personality of Caterpillar is ruggedness. The nature of the brand is that it is used for tough and outdoor works which automatically builds its personality.