What is Lifestyle Segmentation

What is Lifestyle Segmentation

Segmentation is an important activity for a brand or product. There are different segments that marketers use to target and position right products for right segment of customers. Lifestyle segmentation is a type of segmentation strategy that categorizes the customer information into small sub-groups. Customer lifestyle segmentation requires relevant data of every customer to further divided into sub-group. These groups are created on the basis of what is customer lifestyle, likes and dislike and how they live.

There are different types of segmentation but lifestyle segmentation is unique as it studies the lifestyle of customers like how they live, what they do for living, what they like and on the basis of these information customers are grouped to form lifestyle segment.

Lifestyle segmentation help marketers to better understand customer needs and requirements and then take decisions of product placement in appropriate market segment. But marketers should know that the lifestyle analysis is a continuous process because consumer activities, opinions, interests and demographics changes with the time, taste and situation.

Lifestyle segmentation is one of the types of marketing segmentation and comes under the psychographic segmentation.

Activities and Examples of Lifestyle Segmentation

The consumer lifestyle consist different types of tools to form this segmentation, marketers are needed to better understand these tools. Such tools enable marketers to provide better products and services to target customers. The lifestyle segmentation tools known as AIO (Activities, Interests and Opinions and demographics). Here we will discuss these tools with examples.


Activities consists work, hobbies, social events, vacation, entertainment, community, club membership and social event of consumers. Such activities inform marketers about what they do, where they are engaged and how they entertained themselves. These activities inform marketers about the consumers’ routine suppose the person is a finance guy and doesn’t like outdoor activities and void meeting with people.


Interests consists family, home, job, community, fashion, food, and recreation of consumer. Such lifestyle activities inform marketers about the overall interests of consumer. For example which food, sports or technology they like or not. These factors are very important for markets to take appropriate decisions for right type of segmentation based on consumer interests.


Opinions consists social issues, political, business or economic, education, product and themselves. Opinion is important because it informs marketers about different issues and people. For example, a particular consumer is attracted to social issue which is not fall under your promotional campaign umbrella then you cannot fulfill the interest of that consumer.


Demographics tell marketers about customers’ age and gender of potential consumers, their occupation, what is the family size of consumers, which geography consumers belong to, lifecycle and income level. All this information help marketers when they are crafting a marketing strategy.

Consumer behavior is dynamic and depends upon social changes and trends. It is very important for marketing managers to keep a closer look on these dynamics. Lifestyle segmentation is a never ending process that needs continuous changes in marketing strategies.