Apple Competitors

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is a multinational Corporation that design, develop and market consumer electronic product and accessories. Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and his friends Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Soon they were able to capture the market by and starting their product line. Since the beginning Apple differentiated its products with innovation, sleek design and marketing strategies.

Apple has a limited but top notch product line. Every product is designed with great innovation. Apple product line consist Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV and other accessories and services. Brand Loyalty is the main factor in the success of the company.

Mac Product line i.e. computers and laptops include MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro and Mac mini. Besides Mac, in the smartphone category Apple iPhone is a great success have a handsome market share in the global market.  Apple watch is another great success story where it has already introduced Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Hermes.

Though Apple have a narrow product line, it still has strong competitors in the global market for its different product line especially for laptops and smartphones. In the following article I will discuss top Apple Competitors.

Top Apple Competitors

  1. Samsung

Samsung also Samsung Group is a South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Company having affiliate businesses under the brand name of Samsung. Samsung Group has a huge product line i.e. consumer electronics, semiconductors, telecommunication equipment, home appliances, automotive and many more. Samsung is founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chill and currently in the top 10 most valued companies in the world.

Samsung is the one of the Top competitors of Apple in the Smartphones segment. Samsung is the leader in smartphone market share. Galaxy smartphones is considered the pioneer in the industry. Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are strongly competing to increase market share. One way another it greatly affected the iPhone market share. Samsung is able to produce phone with affordable prices. In laptops segment, Samsung has a decent market share but not among the top apple competitor in laptop segment.

  1. Dell

Dell named after Michael Dell. It is an American multinational computer company that deals in manufacturing, selling, repairing of computer and related parts (products and services).  Dell is strong competitors of Apple in the Laptops segment. This rivalry started many years ago when Dell introduced a competitive product Dell DJ and become one of the early competitors of iPod. Few years back Dell has launched XPS laptops product line which are competing with MacBook Pro.

Though dell is competing with Apple in the PC market, Apple has more loyal customer base. Over the year Apple Inc. build a strong brand awareness in the mind of consumer in all the segments they are dealing.

  1. HP

Hewlett-Packard Company HP (HPQ) is a multinational Information Technology Company. HP was founded in 1939 by William R. Hewlett and David Packard. HP is dealing in computers, laptops, printers, scanners, monitors and 3D printers. Few years back, Hewlett-Packard split into two different companies one is Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

HP Inc. and Lenovo are top companies having almost 22% market share followed by Dell and Acer and Apple. HP Inc. is providing acceptable quality products with affordable prices. On the other hand Apple is providing high quality products with premium pricing. HP Inc. is a strong Apple competitor for example specter and MacBook. Hewlett-Packard focused on outside US while Apple is concentrating on US Market. HP is among Top Apple Competitors.

  1. Lenovo

Lenovo or Lenovo Group Ltd. is multinational technology company headquartered in Beijing, China and North Carolina, United States of America. Lenovo is a global leaders that provides Laptops, Tablets, Desktops Computers, Servers and software. Lenovo is on Fortune 500 and consider top brands in the world. The reason behind its growth is not only organic but also acquisition of IBM personal computer business and Motorola mobility.

Lenovo is one of the apple’s main competitors. It is giving Apple Inc. a tough times in laptops and tablets. Lenovo has a cutting-edge and outclass product line like ThinkPad, Yoga and many convertible tablets models.

  1. Sony

Sony Corporation is multinational Japanese corporation headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. Sony was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Sony is known for gaming playstations, consumer electronics, Films, Telecommunication equipment, computers and financial service sectors.

Sony brand is known for its playstation which is have a larger chunk of market share i.e. over 50%.  Sony is one of the Apple competitors based on their laptops and smartphones. Sony Vaio and Xperia XZ android phone can be considered one of the alternatives of Apple MacBook and iPhone.

  1. Asus

AsusTeK or Asus is a multinational computer and phone hardware manufacturer and distributor. Asus provides the world’s leading personal computers, mother boards, monitors, mobile phones and networking equipment.

In the year 2017, Asus won more than 4500 awards for providing cutting edge, innovative and high quality products. Search for Incredible brand spirit, Asus has almost 17000 employees which include 5000 R&D professional. Asus is global player in the IT market.  Asus is one of the competitors of Apple. It is giving a closer competition to Apple in design and value.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is an American Technology company which revolutionized the information technology in past decades. Founded by Bill Gates in 1975 it is known for Microsoft windows product line. In the past 4 decades Microsoft achieved its objectives in the visionary leadership of Bill Gates.

MSFT product line includes windows, office, gaming Xbox, surface and mobiles. Microsoft is one of the leading competitors of Apple in many segment i.e. operating system, computers and smartphones.

  1. Google

Google is a well-known American technology company founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google is known for search engine, online advertising, cloud computing, Google maps, Operating systems, Desktop and Mobile application.

Google is a primary competitor to Apple in the operation system segment. Google strategy is focused on mass penetration as android hold 84.7% of market share. On the other hand Apple iOS having 11.7% market. Windows and Blackberry phones having 8 and 3.6 respectively.

In the smartphone segment Google Pixel is the Top Apple competitor. Both iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 are high end smartphone and competing in the market to attract customers. iPhone X is has a better scree design and wireless charging support but Pixel 2 having better camera and smart assistant. These two brands are competing to increase market share and generate revenue.

  1. Huawei

Huawei founded in 1987 is a Chinese multinational company that provides telecommunication equipment and consumer electronic products. Huawei is operation in more than 170 countries, having more than 180000 employees.

Huawei is the top most competitor of Apple iPhone. In the worldwide smartphone market Huawei is giving a tough time to Apple iPhone. Samsung is still the leader the smartphone market having more than 20% market share. Huawei has introduced “GPU Turbo” technology which will increase brand reputation of Chinese Tech Giant. Apple is also a game changer in innovative technology and having a strong brand loyalty and trust. Both these brands Huawei and Apple have fierce competition in the smartphone market.

  1. OPPO Electronic Corp.

Oppo Electronics Corporation also Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile company. Oppo was founded in 2001 and became Top smartphone brand. It globally ranked no. 8 in the year 2016. In 2017, Oppo ranked no. 4 worldwide in the smartphone segment. Oppo is providing cutting-edge photography experience to almost 200 million customers globally. Oppo is one the apple competitors in the smartphone segments.

  1. Apple Smartwatch Competitors

Apple also design, develop and market smartwatches which incorporate fitness and health related capabilities. In September 2018, Apple released Apple Watch Series 4 which is incredible and can help you in everyday routine. There are many Apple Smartwatch Competitors for example Fitbit smartwatches, Huawei smartwatch, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Garmin.

I have tried to cover all Apple competitors in marketplace. Some competitors will be giving tough time to Apple in smartphone segment while other competitors will give strong presence in Laptops, tablets (iPads) and Apple smartwatches.